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County Wills & Probate - Clients
If you are thinking about setting up a will then there is lots of useful information in our client information sheet that will help you to understand the process.

We are specialist will writers who have been in business for over 23 years with over 30,000 clients. We will visit you at a time and place of your choosing, although our main office is based in Manchester, we have offices elsewhere and will visit you anywhere in England and Wales. A typical visit lasts an hour, however we will spend as long as necessary with you as every clients needs and circumstances are different.

We will hold your will in a safe and secure storage system, to gain access to it, simply contact the office. We will send a simple form that you/your executors need to sign and return to us. We will then post your will back to you.

One standard will costs just £149, with two standard wills £225. We charge an extra £10 for an evening visit that is after 16:00 hrs. For a full statement of the services we offer and their prices please see our Fees & Services document. Please click here to make a payment.

Going Forward

How do I update my will?
Easy! Contact us. If we have visited you recently and the changes are straightforward we may be able to do it by post. Otherwise we will arrange to visit you again. Either way the cost is the same. The cost depends on which, if any, Willcare package you have chosen to join. For example, in Platinum Willcare there’s no cost at all. Please see our Fees & Services document.

For client using Willcare you agreed to continue making Willcare payments for a minimum period of 3 years. After that you can continue paying, change to one of our other Willcare packages or pull out of Willcare completely. Just let us know what you want to do at the time.

We left your Willcare option but payments are still leaving my bank account?
Willcare payments are made to us by standing order which is your instruction to your bank to pay us. When you left Willcare you will have been asked to cancel the standing order.  We can’t do it your bank won’t accept instructions from us. If you didn’t tell then to stop then please do so. If you told them to stop and they didn’t obey your instruction tell them again and ask them to refund the payments made in error.

I’m the executor of my Dad’s will and he’s just died. What do I do?
Our After Death Department is very experienced in giving advice in these situations. Advice over the phone is completely free. If you want us to do the job of administering the estate for you we will arrange to quote a fixed all inclusive fee. Contact us and we’ll arrange for our specialists to call you.

Got a referral?

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