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County Wills & Probate - Probate

Why plan ahead for probate?

Probate is a legal requirement and can be a complex and onerous task. It is helpful to appoint a professional Executor to carry out the process and to relieve your other Executors of the burden. There are many things to organise when someone dies and it is easy to forget vital steps or become overwhelmed. Our factsheet explains all the things to think about.

Remember, none of the assets can be distributed until probate is granted and liabilities are settled, so a swift resolution is one less thing for family to worry about at a difficult time.

We are pleased to confirm that for the past 7 years, we have formed successful partnerships to assist our clients with Probate and Estate Administration. Our partners are approachable and professional and avoid the ‘ticking meter’ approach to legal bills believing that customers have the right to know how much a service will cost right at the beginning. Their unique, fully inclusive fixed fee service means you know from the outset what it will cost. One of our team will visit you, and the other Executors, in your own home to talk through how we can help you.

Once they have established the complexity of the estate, they will then quote you for all the work involved. This includes:

  • Contacting all asset holders and creditors
  • Producing draft accounts for the estate and paying any inheritance tax from funds available
  • Preparing documentation for the Capital Taxes Office and the Probate Office
  • Making the application for the Grant of Probate
  • Calling in assets and putting them into a designated client account
  • Communication with all beneficiaries, including informing them of legacies and bequests
  • Producing final accounts and closing the estate

Why not talk to us today? Our After Death Team are here to advise and you are under no obligation at all.